Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Trucks and a Chase!

I found the "Golding Guru" through Briar Press (there are links to both of the pages to the right). Lucky for me, he happened to have 2 original Pearl trucks and a chase. Here they are right out of the package: 

The two "new" trucks don't have the slit in them for the pins on the end of the roller. The roller that was missing the trucks had pins on both sides, so I had to remove them both. The first slipped right out, but the second one put up a bit of a fight. Here is everything put together. Say goodbye to the exploded rollers though, I'm sending them off to be recovered.

We also took off the tympan bales and grippers to give them a thorough clean (and some straightening). Here's pop putting everything back together. 

He has also got the motor running, despite it's old age, it looks like it will work great.  The picture I've poster next to the motor shows the awesome little roller rack installed under the press. My friend Ryan the woodworker is going to hook me up with brand new feed and delivery boards (I just picked out some lovely hickory with him today - it's creamy yellow), maybe I can get him to make me a door for the underneath compartment to match . . .

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