Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bringing Home the Pearl

Early September I bought this Golding Pearl Improved #11 press at the University of Utah's redistribution center. It was in pretty good shape, but had a few problems and missing parts.  My lovely parents are nice enough to allow my new hunk of junk to live in their garage. So we tied it down as tight as we could and hauled it back to Ogden. As a bonus, I got a couple parts that don't belong to my press: a motor mount and some sort of roller. I also got a monster of a motor.

At some point in its life the press was detached from its base, and so over time it started to slip around, which started to split the two pieces of the base apart, and put pressure on the fly wheel. You can see the slip in the photo here. Other problems: rusty inking disk (and lots of other things), petrified double stick tape on the platen, two hard rollers, one exploded-hotdog-in-the microwave looking roller, a few bent pieces, two missing trucks, and a missing chase. Other than that, it's great!

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