Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cleaning Up

2 parts vinegar, 1 part lemon juice. This is the best thing I've found for getting rid of rust, look at my shiny, shiny ink disk.

Here are the three rollers and four trucks that the press came with (missing two trucks). Two of the trucks have a slot for pins that come off of the roller core so that the trucks and rollers will spin together. The roller that is missing its trucks has pins on both sides, while the other two rollers only have them on one side. 

Also, I've listed a link on the right to an AAPA information page about golding presses. There are diagram charts, catalogs, and other links that have been very helpful.

In other news, while I was away my dad did a lot of work getting the base of the press back to how it should be (and I hear he broke three ropes doing it!). Everything is nice and tight now, and the flywheel turns so well, the press practically runs by itself when you push it. 

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