Wednesday, November 19, 2008


If you had told me that the first thing I would print would be set in Balloon I probably would have punched you. But, alas, it was the right size and price (free) for the job. I'm starting to talk myself into thinking its charming. But first things first. 

Check out the before and after job I did on this composing stick. Wowza, again lemon juice & vinegar combo blows my mind (this one took a lot of scrubbing though). But seriously, look at that:

But, where did all that wood furniture under the composing stick in the after picture come from, you ask? I picked it up from a Salt Lake printer/machinist, along with some 12 pt Caslon oldstyle, and 8 pt Garamond. I also got some fancy rule. Just in case you were wondering, this is what an 8 pt M looks like. Now imagine transferring a whole case of this stuff into a new drawer. 

In order to not make a ginormous unreadable post, I'll make a separate one for the printing.

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Jessrina said...

*sigh*... I love Garamond. Love.